Friday, April 19, 1850

John App and traveling companion, Jacob Broadwell, arrived at their camp about a mile from St. Joseph, Missouri today. While they were in St. Joseph, they were busy gathering supplies and waiting their turn to cross the Missouri River. On the other side was the beginning of the California-Oregon Trail. St. Joseph was a bustling town and there were lots of other emigrants and wagons also waiting in line for their turn to cross the river on the ferry.

Stopping Point: About 1 mile above town at St. Joseph, Missouri
Approximate Miles Traveled: 6

Friday Evening April 19 – waked up this moring Found it Cloudy and Thundering I expect we would have a great storm But soon cleared up, I shaved, shirted, pulled stakes and left for St Joseph, we are now Camped about one mile above Town at a very good place   I saw more Teams and Tents this day than I Ever saw Before at one time,  Every place is crowded, our provisions and grain has not Yet arrived, and am afraid It will detain us, next Thursday I Expect to start for the mountains if our grain Comes __  there is a great rush in St Joseph at this time, gambling of all kinds and Every thing that You Can Imagine, Old Jshabony and his tribe of Indians passed our camp this Evening and are camped about one mile from here, about 60 of them, the only Indians that I have saw on the rout  all pritty drunk- I shall Close this letter now and Before I leave I shall send You one more, I have not received the scratch of a pen as Yet, the first thing I done was to go to the post office, to see if there was any letters  But none-

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