Sunday, April 10, 1870 - Monday, April 11, 1870

John App has left Salt Spring and is on the last portion of the journey to Ivanpah, California. Today, he reaches “Ivanpah City”. It was not really a city as we would know it since he described it as consisting of only “one canvas house.” But, the Clark Mountain area of Ivanpah was rich in deposits of copper, silver, gold, and other minerals. Because of this, it had recently come into the news and that is why John chose this area to prospect for silver.

Yellow Pine was a mining camp located about 21 miles (34 km) north of Ivanpah and about 30 miles (48 km) southwest of today’s Las Vegas.

The photo below is what Clark Mountain would have looked like as he approached the area from the west.

Sunday April 10
Reached Ivenpah City at 12 n. the City is at this time Composed of one Canvas House. a very fine Spring at this place and the water first rate no wood. a poor place for a town not very many Indians here. one white man Killed about 25 miles from this place by the Indians. the Chief gave him up and he was Executed last Friday at Yellow Pine. the chances are that there will be trouble here this Summer.

Monday Ap 11
at Camp doing nothing. My feet so Sore that I Can scarcely move. as usual windy.

Clark Mountain from the west

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