Appendix [103]: The Voyage of the St. Andrew

The ship St. Andrew’s passenger manifest for September 23, 1752 listing only males 16 years and older. Women and children were not listed. It sailed from Rotterdam, to Plymouth (England), then to the Port of Philadelphia.

Leaving For Home

They depart Visalia for home in Jamestown, 150 miles and a five day ride to the north, along the same route they followed south two months earlier.

West Through Walker Pass

They have ridden 153 miles since Ivanpah, but 283 miles still remain ahead until they arrive at home in Jamestown.

Leaving Ivanpah

John and his traveling companion leave camp for home. The next day he writes about the heat, the mosquitos, and the large horse flies.

Preparing to Leave

John is wrapping up his exploratory activities and getting ready to go home. First, he visits some nearby mines.

Locating Claims

Even with some Indian trouble there seem to be several who are friendly. John locates the “Lucy Eva”… named for John’s 2 year old daughter.