Thursday – Sunday, May 2 – 5, 1850

John will not make another diary entry until tomorrow, May 6th. Their journey the past few days has been uneventful, and they are following the Little Blue River on the way to join the main trail near Fort Kearney in Nebraska.

The Little Blue River is a 245-mile-long (394 km) river in southern Nebraska and northern Kansas. They have left Kansas and the trail they are on is now angling to the northwest and paralleling the Little Blue on its northeast side into Nebraska. Following water is what the travelers always tried to do, and they are now passing today’s Fairbury and Hebron, Nebraska.

Soon their trail will meet the main California-Oregon Trail on south side of the Platte River. Both the Little Blue and the Platte rivers flow eastward. There is not much of particular interest for John and Jake at the moment… just trying to get further down the trail.

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