Thursday, May 5, 1870 - Monday, May 9, 1870

John and his companion leave camp for home. They follow the same route going west as they did coming east, and make most of the same water stops along the way.

On May 6th John writes about the heat, the mosquitos, and the large horse flies. In all of his 1850 diary he never complains about the weather or bugs, but here he does. It is probably a bigger deal than we might know.

On May 9th they met Moss-Ingersoll & Company. They were a well-known team of John Moss (guide and surveyor) and Ernest Ingersoll, a reporter for the New York Tribune. They worked together on various United States Geological Surveys.

May 5th 1870
left Ivanpah this morning at 6 a.m. arrived at Kiota Holes at 4 p.m. Traveled about 26 miles. Weather very fine no wind or rain. very Sore riding. 10 or 12 Indians at Kiota Holes.

May 6th 1870
Left Kiota Holes at 5½ a.m. arrived at Salt Springs at 12 n. left Salt Springs 12½ p.m. arrived at Saratoga Springs at 3½ p.m. traveled about 30 miles this day very warm roast Eggs in the sand any where. lots of mosquitoes & large Horse Flies gnats etc

May 7th 1870
left Saratoga at 4 20 a.m. arrivd at Oul Springs 9½ a.m. left Oul Holes at 10 a.m. arrivd at Leaches Springs at 3 p.m. very warm. arrived at Burnt Rock Springs at 12 midnight.

Sunday May 8th 1870
Left Burnt Rock Springs at 6 40 a.m. arrived at Surveyors Wells at 11 a.m. left Surveyors Wells at 12 n. arrived at Black Water Holes at 2 p.m. went about 5 miles on made a dry Camp Traveled about 25 miles. this day we met 12 or 14 men going to the Owen mines. received the first letter from Home this day.

Monday May 9/70
Left dry Camp at 4 15 a.m. arrived at Panamint Holes at 7 a.m. left Panamint Holes at 7½ a.m. arrived at Elpaso Tunnel at 11½ a.m. weather very warm. left Elpaso at 3¼ p.m. arrived at Kiota Holes at Cradlebows at 11 p.m. met Moss-Ingersol & Co

Clark Mountain

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