Sunday, April 17, 1870 - Wednesday, April 27, 1870

John has described some nearby Indian trouble, but there seems to be several locally who are friendly and even helpful.

The “Lucy Eva” claim was named for John’s 2 year old daughter, Lucy Eva App, and was the most productive of his claims there.

April 19: John was disgusted enough with the low production of the Silver Sides claim that he felt putting a pocket in his shirt was a more valuable use of his time.

On the 22nd, he visited a nearby mine. The Umbassett Mine’s vein is 5-6 inches (13-15 cm) wide (many veins are only inches wide, so it is on a good location) and it was a galena mine. Galena is the main ore of lead. John was not interested in the lead, but there can also be silver in galena. In some deposits the galena contains about 1–2% silver, a byproduct value that far outweighs the main lead ore in revenue. That is why John was interested in this mine.

The photo below is of Clark Mountain from the east. This is the area where he had his camp.

Sunday Ap 17/70
John went out a prospecting found nothing. An Indian brought a Specimen to me. a very fine day.

Monday Ap 18th
This day I went with an Indian to prospect his Ledge did not find one but found an other one Located It and Called it the Lucy Eva.

Tuesday Ap 19
John and myself went to open and work on the Silver Sides prospects not very flattering. left Silver Sides in disgust. fixed my Shirt and put a pocket into It.

Wednesday April 20th
This day we worked on the Lucy Eva. Prospects very fair. nothing of Importance built a small Smelting Furnace at Ivanpah Springs.

Thursday Apr 21st
washed and mended my clothes. John half Soled his Boots. done nothing more this day.

Friday Ap 22d
visited the Umbasett mine. vein about 5 ft 6 in wide. very rich in Galena. Mr Marsh come in the Camp with two Mohave Squaws he is keeping the trading post.

Saturday April 23
John went out prospecting this morning Located one Claim. I am unwell again took Pills to day. Cooked Beans. Terrible Excitement among the Indians three mountain Sheep pass through the Camp maller killed one about 350 yds at the third Shot. high living in Ivenpah City. first fresh meet I saw since we left Visalia.

Sunday April 24
John started out after more Sheep but got none. nothing new or Interesting this day. Mountain mutton Soop this Evening.

Monday Apr 25
I went out prospecting. as usual nothing near Umbasett.

Tuesday April 26
John and myself went out to work on the Lucy Eva worked until noon. nothing Flattering.

Wednesday Ap 27
went out again to work on the Lucy Eva. prospects no better found a new Claim. Called It the Tuolumne prospects not very flattering.

Clark Mountain from the east

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