The History of Company G, 147th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War (September, 1862 through June, 1865)

By Michael S. Schroyer (Sergeant)

Solomon and Jeremiah App (Solly and Jere) were brothers who participated in the American Civil War from 1862 through 1865. Sergeant Michael S. Schroyer of that company was a diarist, and he wrote with a style that takes the reader into the ranks among the soldiers. This article was written by Sergeant Schroyer in 1911. The App brothers are mentioned specifically many times throughout the diary, and these experiences are theirs. You will get to know who they were and what they did for our nation during the American Civil War.

This document was found in Volume I of the “Snyder County Historical Society Bulletins”, page 336 (the original bulletin was Volume II, Number 2, 1939).

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“Dutch” translations by Harvey L. Stutzman (Nappanee, Indiana), Janice Miller (Etna Green, Indiana), and Lewis G. Schmidt (Allentown, Pennsylvania).

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