Thursday, April 28, 1870 - Wednesday, May 4, 1870

The results of his prospecting has been somewhat of a disappointment for John App. It has been made worse because of the distraction and inconvenience of bad weather and ill health. Now he is wrapping up his exploratory activities and getting ready to go home, but first he visits some nearby mines and collects as much helpful information as possible.

He visits the Umbassett again, and then another one. (Several Mojave mines were big producers.) The Copper World, at Clark Mountain, produced 100 tons (90.7 t) of ore each day, making it one of the largest copper mines in California at the time. It also extracted several other types of ore, and some of it was silver. On April 30th John notes that he walked 22 miles (35 km) over very rough country to visit the Copper World mine (on the other side of Clark Mountain from where his camp was located).

Thursday Ap 28,
John went to the Pechocka Springs to day I am fixing up pack Saddles etc this day I baked the first loaf of Bread John Saw the Copper World. nothing new. no discoveries this day. Started Umbasett left out to the for a Galena mine.

Friday April 29
waked up this morning with the diareah. looks very much like rain. no rain nothing done this day.

Saturday Ap 30
This morning I Started for the Pechocka Springs John went out a prospecting. I saw the Great Copper World returned home to camp walked about 22 miles over a very rough Country.

May 1st 1870
waked up this morning with the Head ache Had our regular Flap Jacks & Ham. would give all my old clothes to be at Home this day. washed a towel mended my socks & am now ready for another tramp. nothing doing but repairing old Boots etc no arrivals from the Settlements. things dont look very flattering.

May 2d 1870
John Started out this morning after the Horses. did not find them. we sent an Indian out to find them. he found them in less than an Hour. this day spent in fixing up our packing trappings nothing Els done.

May 3d 1870
nothing doing. only 8 men in Camp last night. Potosi I understand has only 6 white men in camp. making preperations to leave for Home.

May 4th 1870
nothing doing last night only 7 men in Camp read to leave tomorrow

Clark Mountain view of the surrounding valley (courtesy of Stavros Basis)

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