Wednesday, April 10, 1850

Having traveled 20 miles (32 km) yesterday, and 20 miles today John App and his friend, Jake, are camped in south central Iowa near today’s Promise City. The altitude is about 1,000 feet (300 M) above sea level here and we will watch it gradually increase in height as they travel further west. Until now, the terrain has been flat and there has been plenty of grass and water along the way. That will soon begin to change as they move into Nebraska. But recently the 20 mile days have been good and, except for the mud, it has been good traveling. You may recall that John and Jake have two mules with them. “Liz” is the little gray, and “Fan” is the saddle mule. As you can imagine, their wagon is neither large nor heavy and because of this they can keep up a good speed. In consideration of the animals, emigrants traveling west reserved riding in the wagons for the very young, very old, or the in-firmed. The rest of them walked along beside.

Stopping Point: Near Promise City, Iowa
Approximate Miles Traveled: 20
GPS Latitude: 40° 41.372′ N; Longitude: 92° 59.095′ W
Elevation: 1016 ft.

Wednesday Evening April 10th – this was a very Cold day till noon, then the sun shone and was rather Pleasant Last night and night Before it froze very Hard, prospects for grass are rather wooley, and corn is getting Higher  they ask 75 cts per Bushel at this place in Iowa. Travelled about 20 miles  Yesterday about 20 miles  this evening there is about 25 wagons Camping with us- we have Just had our supper, and I Eat so much that I can scarcely write, Jake and myself can drink ½ gall Coffee, Eat 1 Loaf Baked Bread, ½ doz Eggs, and 2 large slices of Ham at one meal

Catching up with his previous two days’ diary entries:

Stopping Point: Pulaski, Iowa
Approximate Miles Traveled: 19
GPS Latitude: 40° 41.827′ N; Longitude: 92° 16.362′ W
Elevation: 808 ft.

Monday Evening April 8th – This morning it was Cloudy, felt very much Like rain, Cleared up, and was fine, Traveled about 20 miles, had Lots of fun and Company  all day after we crossed the des moin.  the road was Lined with Teams, this is a very Hilly Country, up and down Hill all day, several wagons Broke down to day, they are going in all ways and manners, some taking it a foot others packing, I saw several Teams that had 4 Horses and 5 and 6 men to But one wagon, Yesterday I saw a man and his wife and Brother going along with only 2 Horses and an old wagon, from what I have seen already, I think there will be an awfull Time on the plains this season, paid 40 cts per bus for Corn- 25 cts per cwt for Hay this day

Stopping Point: West of West Grove
Approximate Miles Traveled: 20
GPS Latitude: 40° 43.534′ N; Longitude: 92° 35.626′ W
Elevation: 948 ft.

Tuesday Eve Apr 9th – This moring it was Cloudy Cleared and was Fine all day till this Evening, then it Clouded up and sprinkled a little, Now Clear again  this morning we Changed our mules to ther right places, put Liz the Little gray in the Lead for the first time, and in the Course of one Hour she went first rate, this morning we mired for the first time, this is an awful country for mud, Hills, and slews, this Evening we have plenty of Company, Mr Adams & Cla___ of Tazewell are Camping with us to night,

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