Tuesday, May 10, 1870 - Friday, May 13, 1870

Yellow Pine has been mentioned several times by John. It was a lead, zinc, silver, and copper mine located about 30 miles (48 km) southwest of today’s Las Vegas, and about 21 miles (34 km) north of Ivanpah.

John App is now leaving the desert and is entering Walker Pass on his way home. He has ridden 153 miles (246 km) since Ivanpah, but 283 miles (455 km) still remain ahead until arrival at home in Jamestown. Along the way he will visit several mines in the Sierras. Among them are the Owens Mine, a mine at Kernville, and one at Weldon’s Ranch.

It is not certain why he killed a coyote on May 11th, but he was pretty brave to have killed a young grizzly on May 12th. The bear was eaten while at the “Stevenson’s camp.”

Walker Pass opens up to the west into the San Joaquin Valley, and one of the largest towns where he stopped in the valley was Visalia, California. It was a bustling place in 1870, and its early growth can be attributed in part to the gold rush along the Kern River. The gold fever brought many transient miners through Visalia, and when the lure of gold failed to materialize, many returned there to live their lives and raise families.

Yesterday’s arrival at Coyote Holes marked the end of his travel across the Mojave Desert.

May 10th 1870
Left Kiota Holes at 7 a.m. arrived at Owens’s about 12 n. Went to Weldons Ranch. Traveled
this day about 23 miles. we met Lee & the Butternut Boys at Owenses. also met Mr Clark and others on their way to Yellow Pine. passed 4000 Head of Cattle on their way to Humboldt.

Wednesday May 11/70
Left Weldons at 5½ a.m. arrived at Kernville at 1 p.m. Traveled about 25 miles. Pony fell down with me and come very near breaking my leg. Killed one Kiota and wounded one more.

Thursday May 12/70
Left Kernville at 5 45 a.m. arrived at Glennsville at 2 p.m. Killed a young Grizly near the Summit. 27 miles this day

Friday May 13/70
Had Grizzly meat for breakfast this morning. left Camp Stevesons at 6½ a.m. arrived at Deer Creek at 6 p.m. Taveled about 25 miles this day. passed McFarlans going to Yellow Pine.

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